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Wing Cutters:
Mayfly Wing
Stonefly Wing
Spent Stonefly Wing
Hopper Wing
Caddis Wing
Crawfish/Saltwater Shrimp

Doug Swisher's No Hackle Wing

Foam Body Cutters:
Hopper/Caddis/Ant Body
Beavertail Body
Chernobyl Round Body
Chernobyl Tapered Body
Damsel/Dragonfly Body
Bonefish/Permit Crab
Beetle Body

STP Frog® Body

Capt. Joe Blados' Crease
     Fly Popper Cutter

Mayfly Foam Body Cutters
Stonefly Foam Body Cutters
Tomsu's Supreme Hopper™
     Foam Body Cutters

Other Cutters:
Hopper Pronotum
Hopper Leg Cutters
Czech Nymph/Scud Shellbacks

Universal Bug Bodies

Universal Bug Wings
Gary Krebs' Popper Jigs™
Tomsu's Supreme Hopper™
     Tying Set

Floating Minnow Head Cutters

Kent Edmonds' Stealth Bomber Cutters

Tying Materials:
River Wing
® and River Foam® Tying Materials
Frog Foam® Material

Foam: 2mm, 1mm and 0.5mm
Foam Cylinders

Other Products
Replacement Cutting Pads
and Tool Caddies

STP Frog® Flies
Gift Certificates

Buy Locally: In the US, Canada,
and Europe

River Road Creations®, Inc.
3989 Stevi River Road
Stevensville, MT 59870
(406) 777-1046



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River Road Creations®,
Frog Foam® material,
STP Frog® fly, STP Frog® cutter,
River Wing® material and
River Foam® material are all
registered trademarks of
River Road Creations, Inc. 

All rights reserved.

© 2003-2011

Please note: We no longer have a relationship with the Montana Fly Company.  If the packaging included with your purchase does not say "manufactured by River Road Creations, Inc.," you have not purchased a product made by us.  More information is available here.

 Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to be completely satisfied. Please e-mail us, or give us a call if you have any questions or issues.  Together, we can come up with a solution.

We stand behind every single cutter that we manufacture and you can always expect prompt and courteous service.

Until we get to hear from you directly, here is some information, we hope you find helpful...

You can also find helpful information on our Facebook page - our visitor often post really interesting and useful information.  And you can always post a question there as well.


The white cutting pad that comers with your cutter is required to use your cutter - to ensure that it lasts for many, many uses, as well as to protect damage to work surface.  Each River Road Creations cutter must be used with the pad provided, or a replacement pad for proper use. 

Using a hammer of any sort will result in irreparable blade distortion. The blade material cannot withstand that type of shock.

If you need some assistance in cutting, an arbor press works great.  It delivers slow, constant pressure - much like your own hand.  You can find arbor presses at your local hardware store.

Unfortunately the only solution at this point is to order a new cutter. Our cutters should only be used on the cutting pad we provide. In the future, however, we do carry replacement cutting pads for sets and individual cutters. If you lose another cutting pad, you can order a new one before your cutter gets damaged.

Nothing is wrong. Our quality control involves testing 100% of our foam body cutters on a single sheet of 2 or 3 mm foam and we guarantee that the cutter you receive will easily cut a 3 mm piece of foam. In practice, most of our foam body cutters will easily cut through 2 layers, and many of our customers report being able to easily cut through 3 layers of foam. However, if we routinely set the blades to do this for all of our patterns, stability can be lost and the blades may become distorted. If there is a specific cutter that you need for deeper cutting depths, please contact us, and we will see if it is possible to work out a solution for you.

This process usually starts with a phone call or e-mail to discuss your plans. After that you can submit your design with sizing information via e-mail or regular mail - whatever is easiest for you, as long as we receive specific dimensions. A hand-drawn pattern or samples cut of foam or paper should work just fine. We will make sure that your design is possible within the physical constraints of the materials with which we work. We will give you a pricing estimate based on the amount of material required and the time needed to complete your pattern.

We keep all designs on file and that design is only available to you. Should you wish to alter your design at a future point, your original design is on file for you to use. We will not knowingly share your designs with other customers. We cannot be responsible for your design once you publish your pattern in print or electronic media. 

Here is a printable overview of the custom cutter process

We also accept MasterCard, Visa and American Express, as well as personal checks and money orders.  Simply give us a call to place your order.

PayPal has updated its policies and no longer requires that you set up an account for purchases.  At checkout choose the option NOT to open a PayPal account.

You can also purchase our cutters through many retailers who carry Hareline Dubbin products including, but not limited to:


Try using search terms such as wing cutter or foam body cutter or look under tying tools


Many individual fly shops also carry our cutters.  Ask your local retailer to order the wing or foam body cutter that is of interest when they place their next order with Hareline Dubbin, Inc.

Superfly International, Inc. distributes our wing and foam body cutters in Canada. We hope this will make shopping quicker and easier for our Canadian customers and potential customers.  The link to Superfly dealers is:  http://www.superfly.ca/dealers/.    


We also have distributors in Europe.  In Europe, Ritt-Mailing may be able to assist you in procuring our products.  You may contact them at: http://www.ritt-mailing.com/

We use U.S. Priority Mail for shipping.  Shipping rates are automatically calculated when you go through the PayPay checkout process.  They reflect the average cost of shipping based on US Postal Service Rates.

There are plenty of excellent sources for your tying needs. Here are a couple to get you started and who have offered us excellent customer service either in person or via the Internet.

Doug Swisher Fly Fishing www.dougswisher.com

Check out the "Twister System" to create exciting new patterns by mixing dozens of tying materials: natural dubbing, synthetic hairs, flash enhancers, feathers, rubber, etc. - limited only by your imagination. Get on Doug's e-mail list and receive notices of his great monthly specials.

The Kingfisher Fly Shop www.kingfisherflyshop.com

The Bear's Den www.bearsden.com

Bear Lodge Angler www.bearlodgeangler.com

Feather Craft Fly Fishing www.feather-craft.com

Badger Creek Fly Tying www.eflytyer.com

J. Stockard Fly Fishing www.jsflyfishing.com

Our standard mayfly wing cutter will do this for you. Fold the wing material that you want to cut in half. Position the open end of the mayfly wing cutter over the fold - allowing you the appropriate amount of spacing needed between the wings. Unfold and you will have "spent wings" ready for tying.

We ship orders as quickly as possible, generally within 5 business days of receipt. In many cases we ship the same or next day.

We do our best to send you e-mail notification of receipt of your order as well as shipment of your order. Because this is a manual process for us, we prioritize work on orders ahead of work on e-mails. Sometimes you may receive notification that your order has shipped on the same day that you receive your order. We appreciate your understanding about this.

It is possible to cut Web Wing® using our cutters, especially if you place a piece of 2 or 3mm craft foam between the Web Wing® and the cutting pad provided with your cutter. HOWEVER, the durability/useful life of the cutter will be considerably reduced, if used to cut Web Wing®. Therefore, we recommend that you continue to use scissors for cutting Web Wing® material, unless you are willing to accept the fact that your cutter may not last as long as if it is used on other wing materials. 

You can open and print another copy here: Cutter Instructions

If you lost your instructions for tying with the Krebs' Popper jigs, you can get additional copies here:
Krebs' Popper Jigs for Saltwater and Bass
Krebs' Popper Jigs for Bass and Panfish

If you need instructions for tying Tomsu's Supreme Hopper, here they are: Tying Tomsu's Supreme Hopper

Instructions for tying the STP Frog® fly can be found here

Tying instructions using Kent Edmond's Stealth Bomber Popper/Diver cutters are available here

Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files.  If you do not have it, you can get it from there website using this link:

Get Acrobat Reader web logo
Get Adobe Reader

We do not print a catalog, but are happy to provide you with information that you might want in a catalog. Please feel free to print any or all of the information.  (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files.)

   Cutter Shapes and Sizes

   A Sampling of Flies Tied with River Road Creations' Cutters

   Overview of Materials

   Current Price List

Tomsu's Supreme Hopper™ fly is available from Doug Swisher Fly Fishing at http://dougswisher.com/dry_flies.htm  Scroll down to almost the bottom of the page.


While supplies last, the STP Frog® can be purchased on our website: STP Frog Fly

About River Road Creations' cutters:
* 100% of all cutters are quality tested before leaving our shop - they will cut foam and many wing sheet materials or they go in the trash!
* 100% of the blades in River Road Creation's cutters are shaped by Tony, so you know they are correct
* The wood used in River Road Creations' cutters is vertical grain fir, purchased from US lumber yards with colors ranging from honey-blonde to light reddish-brown. 
* Before releasing any new patterns, River Road Creations ensures extensive testing throughout the US to verify that our patterns demonstrate consistent properties to allow you to catch fish.  Not only do our cutters allow you to tie flies that consistently look great and save tying time, they are proven  to catch fish! 
*   click here pictures of our packaging and more information

You can always contact us by phone (406.777.1046) or
email (tony@riverroadcreations.com)  for any questions you may have. 

River Road Creations, Inc.
We post useful information on our Facebook page.  Our Facebook visitors post really great photos and useful information too.   


These are a few tying tips requested by other tyers:

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There also may be information in Tony's Tying Gallery that can help.


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