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CAnt72.jpg (55822 bytes)

CAnt77.jpg (40263 bytes)
Step 4

Step 7


Chernobyl Ant

CAnt74.jpg (31456 bytes)

CAnt78.jpg (36908 bytes)
Step 5

CAnt81.jpg (34718 bytes)
Step 8

CAnt84.jpg (44836 bytes)
Cutter Set



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Step 6

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Step 9


Chernobyl Ant & Tying Instructions

Tomsu Skwala & Tying Instructions

Wing Sheet Caddis & Tying Instructions

STP Frog® Fly Tying Instructions

Tying a Crawfish or Shrimp Pattern

Dennis Vidmar's River Stonefly

YouTube Videos Courtesy of Curtis Fry:

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Chernobyl Ant  tying instructions


  • Hook - 3XL Dry Fly Hook (Sizes 2 - 12)
  • Thread - Tan 3/0
  • Body - 2mm Tan, Black
  • Optional Indicator - 2mm Orange Foam
  • Legs - Black Round Rubber

CAnt72.jpg (55822 bytes)STEP 1

  • Cut out two bodies using appropriate size Chernobyl-style foam body cutter (Rounded ends) using tan foam and black foam and clip the bodies from the foam sheets.
  • Using a single-edged razor blade, cut a small lengthwise slit in the lower body (tan) section, about one-half the depth of the foam

CAnt74.jpg (31456 bytes)STEP 2

  • Place a hook in the vise, attach tan thread near the hook eye
  • Wind the thread evenly to a point just above the hook barb
  • Trim off the tag end of the thread

CAnt76.jpg (31686 bytes)STEP 3

  • Place bodies over the bend of the hook, slit side down for the tan body, so it fits neatly over the hook shank
  • Make 4 turns over the end of the body about 1/4 of the way from the end (tip of tail should extend slightly beyond the bend of the hook)

CAnt77.jpg (40263 bytes)STEP 4

  • Attach rubber leg material to each side of the body extending legs straight down from the body
  • Leave excess leg material for now; do not trim legs until the fly is complete.

CAnt78.jpg (36908 bytes)STEP 5

  • Lift up the over body (black foam)
  • Complete the under body by pulling the legs toward the rear of the fly and wrap the thread forward in small, segmented turns to a point one hook eye's length behind the hook eye
  • Make three turns of thread to secure under body

CAnt79.jpg (37459 bytes)STEP 6

  • Pull the top section of the over body down over the under body
  • Wrap thread 3 turns around both pieces of foam about 1/4 of the body length from the front
  • Attach a small piece of orange foam to the head as an indicator, if desired

CAnt80.jpg (40265 bytes)STEP 7

  • Attach another pair of legs in the same fashion as above to the front of the fly

CAnt81.jpg (34718 bytes)STEP 8

  • Pull legs towards the rear
  • Lift up the head and wind thread toward the hook eye
  • Whip-finish and trim the thread
  • So the head is an even length, trim both pieces of foam at the same time
  • Trim ends of the orange indicator evenly

CAnt82.jpg (41134 bytes)STEP 9

  • Pull each pair of legs straight down from the body; avoid stretching legs
  • Trim all four legs at once, roughly hook-shank length
  • Repeat for the remaining pair of legs (Note: longer legs result in better action on the water and are better than short, stiff legs)
  • Apply head cement to finishing knot
  • Make minor adjustments to leg length, if necessary, to ensure legs are all the same length.

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To get this cutter, go to:
Chernobyl Round Foam Body Cutter


SKW102.jpg (34227 bytes)
Step 1

SKW105.jpg (44856 bytes)
Step 4

SKW108.jpg (37760 bytes)
Step 7

SKW11.jpg (36976 bytes)
Step 10

SKW14.jpg (36661 bytes)
Step 13

Tomsu Skwala

SKW103.jpg (30394 bytes)
Step 2

SKW106.jpg (35943 bytes)
Step 5

SKW109.jpg (32754 bytes)
Step 8

SKW12.jpg (42281 bytes)
Step 11

SKW15.jpg (32529 bytes)
Step 14


SKW104.jpg (36444 bytes)
Step 3

SKW107.jpg (38835 bytes)
Step 6

SKW10.jpg (38570 bytes)
Step 9

SKW13.jpg (38110 bytes)

SKW16.jpg (48144 bytes)
Cutter Set

To get cutters for this pattern, go to:
Stonefly Wing Cutter
Stonefly Body Cutter

Tomsu Skwala tying instructions


  • Hook - 3XL Dry Fly hook (Sizes 6-10)
  • Thread - Olive 8/0
  • Body - Montana Fly Company Frog's Hair Dubbing - Yellow
  • Egg Sac - Montana Fly Company Frog's Hair Dubbing - Black
  • Tail - Olive Biots
  • Rib - Montana Fly Company Crystal Web - Yellow
  • Over Body - Doug Brewer's Natural Dubbing
  • Wing - River Foam® material from River Road Creations
  • Legs - Round Rubber - Brown or Black

SKW102.jpg (34227 bytes)STEP 1

  • Cut Wing material using appropriate size stonefly wing cutters. Extend cuts about 1/2 inch beyond normal with scissors and clip from sheet
  • Place hook in vise
  • Attach thread to hook and bend of hook and wind thread to a point about 1/3 of the way down the bend
  • Apply a small amount of black dubbing to thread and form egg sac on the upper part of the hook bend

SKW103.jpg (30394 bytes)STEP 2

  • Tie in biots and cover butts completely with thread

SKW104.jpg (36444 bytes)STEP 3

  • Tie in Rib and return thread to front of egg sac

SKW105.jpg (44856 bytes)STEP 4

  • Tie in Natural Dubbing over body in front of egg sac, with excess pointing toward rear of hook

SKW106.jpg (35943 bytes)STEP 5

  • Apply yellow dubbing to thread and dub a generous under body (Skwala have robust bodies!)
  • Remove excess dubbing; be sure to leave plenty of head room (about 1/4 of the front of the hook shank)

SKW107.jpg (38835 bytes)STEP 6

  • Fold over body over the yellow under body and secure with several thread wraps

SKW108.jpg (37760 bytes)STEP 7

  • Wind rib around body in open spirals, secure with three thread wraps

SKW109.jpg (32754 bytes)STEP 8

  • Place wing over body, making sure the wing extends beyond the butt end of the body
  • Tie down at end of dubbed body
  • DO NOT TRIM EXCESS WING MATERIAL, it will be used to form a shellback over the thorax - just temporarily fold it back over the wing so it will be out of the way until needed

SKW10.jpg (38570 bytes)STEP 9

  • Tie in two 3" lengths of round rubber leg material on each side of rear end of the thorax area. DO NOT TRIM. Wind thread over leg material to just behind the eye of the hook

SKW11.jpg (36976 bytes)STEP 10

  • Apply Natural Dubbing to thread and dub a generous thorax

SKW12.jpg (42281 bytes)STEP 11

  • Pull remaining portion of wing material over thorax and tie down behind the hook eye

SKW13.jpg (38110 bytes)STEP 12

  • Trim excess wing material. Whip finish and trim thread

SKW14.jpg (36661 bytes)STEP 13

  • Trim legs to length. Remember - to ensure adequate leg action - longer is better than too short

SKW15.jpg (32529 bytes)STEP 14

  • After fly is completed, the section of wing material covering the thorax can be coated with epoxy to provide a durable, shiny shellback

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WSC85.jpg (31702 bytes)
Step 1

WSC88.jpg (31852 bytes)
Step 4

WSC92.jpg (32061 bytes)
Step 7


Wing Sheet Caddis

WSC86.jpg (32753 bytes)
Step 2

WSC89.jpg (34485 bytes)
Step 5

Step 8

WSC121.jpg (54347 bytes)
Cutter Set



WSC87.jpg (35179 bytes)
Step 3

WSC91.jpg (35680 bytes)
Step 6

Step 9


Go to:
Caddis Wing Cutters


Wing Sheet Caddis tying instructions


  • Hook - Standard length Dry Fly hook (Sizes 8-18)
  • Thread - Tan 8/0
  • Body - Dubbing -  tan or brown
  • Hackle - Stripped brown hackle stem
  • Wing - River Wing® material from River Road Creations

WSC85.jpg (31702 bytes)STEP 1

  • Cut Wing material using appropriate size Caddis wing cutters and clip from sheet
  • Place hook in vise
  • Attach thread to hook
  • Wind thread to a point just above the hook barb
  • Tie in small hackle, shiny side facing the rear

WSC86.jpg (32753 bytes)STEP 2

  • Apply dubbing to thread
  • Take 2 turns of dubbing behind hackle stem
  • Dub a thin body, tapering from rear to front
  • Remove excess dubbing; be sure to leave plenty of head room

WSC87.jpg (35179 bytes)STEP 3

  • Wind hackle forward in open spirals
  • Tie hackle off at end of body
  • Trim excess hackle

WSC88.jpg (31852 bytes)STEP 4

  • If stripped hackle-stem antennae are desired, add now; antennae should be at least the length of the body

WSC89.jpg (34485 bytes)STEP 5

  • Fold wing material in half, lengthwise, forming a tent-shaped wing

WSC91.jpg (35680 bytes)STEP 6

  • Place folded wing over body, making sure the wing extends beyond the butt end of the body
  • Tie down at head
  • Trim excess wing material from head, being careful not to cut antennae

WSC92.jpg (32061 bytes)STEP 7

  • Attach hackle over tie-in point and wind 2-3 turns
  • Wind thread forward 2-3 turns
  • Tie off hackle and trim excess
  • Lift antennae and make 2 turns underneath
  • Whip-finish and trim thread
  • Arrange antennae as desired; antennae can be curled using the end of thumbnail
  • Apply head cement
  • Trim hackle on bottom, if desired, to produce a flush-floating fly

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