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Tomsu's Supreme Hopper™ Body Cutters



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Tomsu's Supreme Hopper™ Body Cutters

What is a tyer to do if she/he already has River Road Creations' hopper wing cutters? 

Get a Tomsu's Supreme Hopper™Body Cutter or two and tie up
 Tomsu's Supreme Hopper™ fly. 

© 2010 Curtis Fry
Tyer and Photographer:
Curtis Fry                                

Click on photos to enlarge  

Cutter Shape
Tomsu's Supreme HopperTM Body Cutters are available in full sets of five body cutters,
 as well as individually in sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12.

Feel free to use your own sizing - based on your idea of the perfect hook to body ratio.
 The dimensions below should help you choose just the right size to match the hatch
 in your favorite fly fishing spot!

Hopper Body
Cutter Size
Approximate Body
4 1 1/4 inch
6 1 1/8 inch
8 1 inch
10 3/4 inch
12 11/16 inch

 And don't forget a Hopper Leg cutter, too!  (C lick here for hopper legs.)

Feel the need for something a little bit different?  Try the Shark Taco Hopper by Curtis Fry

Photo/Fly by Curtis Fry © 2011
All rights reserved

Think Pink is too crazy a color?  This tiger trout seems interested....
Photo by Curtis Fry © 2011
All rights reserved

Tomsu's Supreme Hopper Body Cutter..........$8.00 each
One small cutting pad included with each individual cutter purchased Matching Tool Caddy and Large Cutting Pad

Size #4
Size #6
Size #8
Size #10
Size #12

Tomsu's Supreme Hopper Body™ Cutter 


Set Of All Five Tomsu's Supreme Hopper Body Cutters Including Matching Tool  Caddy.....$47.95/set

Tomsu's Supreme Hopper Body™ Cutter Set.... 5 Body Cutters with Matching Tool Caddy and Large Cutting Pad

Tomsu's Supreme Hopper Cutter Set Only

Don't forget to order foam materials to use with
your Tomsu's Supreme Hopper™ Body Cutter; we recommend 2mm foam for the body

Don't want to tie the fly?  You can get beautifully tied Tomsu's Supreme Hopper™ flies from famous tyer and acclaimed author, Doug Swisher just click here and scroll down. 

Be sure to sign up for his mail and e-mail specials. Great buys can be in your future!



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