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Doug Swisher's No Hackle Wing

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Chernobyl Tapered Body
Damsel/Dragonfly Body
Bonefish/Permit Crab
Beetle Body

STP Frog® Body

Capt. Joe Blados' Crease
     Fly Popper Cutter

Mayfly Foam Body Cutters
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Tomsu's Supreme Hopper™
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Czech Nymph/Scud Shellbacks

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Tomsu's Supreme Hopper™
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Floating Minnow Head Cutters

Kent Edmonds' Stealth Bomber Cutters

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Thanks so much for the flies and photos.  We really appreciate your creativity and generosity in sharing your creations with us. 

Check out our Facebook page for more flies tied using River Road Creations cutters and tying materials.  We think there are some pretty amazing tyers out there. Don't you agree?!


Flies By Mark Tracy

    Cutters Used:
Mayfly Wing Cutter  
Caddis Wing
Beetle Foam Body Cutter 

Foam Flies by Bill Kitzman



So what else can you do with River Road Creations' wing & foam body cutters?  (Besides tie fishing flies?)
How bout making jewelry like DWayne?

Or if you have a daughter or granddaughter on the way, why not try tying barbless flies in "girlie" colors....

then turn them into a mobile?
(FYI: add weights to the flies,
or the slightest breath of air
will make a tangled mess.)


Or you could make glittery, gift-worthy Christmas or other holiday ornaments and table decorations.... particularly if your spouse eagerly suggests that your fly tying creativity can be put to good use making gifts for the whole family.  Have fun!   Enjoy!  Grab the kids' glitter paint and glitter glue, and get going!  Fun for the whole family!

STP Frog® Fly Pattern

Photographer: Doug Swisher © 2004-2011

This STP FrogTM may be
worn-out, but it's still catching fish!




Our thanks and gratitude to Doug Swisher for sharing his fishing good fortune with us.

Visit Doug on the web at: Doug Swisher.com

click on photos to enlarge

Foam Hoppers by Robert Stoynoff
Click on photos to enlarge




River Road Creations Cutters used:
 Head/Thorax - Caddis Wing Cutter
 Upper Leg: Damsel/Dragonfly Foam Body Cutter (what a
clever idea!)
 Underbody: Hopper Wing Cutter

Here is Mr. Stoynoff's now-famous mouse. It was such a hit at the 2006 Sommerset Show.  Thanks, Robert, for sharing your creation with us.

Body made using the STP Frog® Body Cutter


Unsolicited Customer
E-Mail Comments

Hello, Tony. 
I have a damsel cutter from you that I have cut over 4,000 bodies with - and am still using...Great product!

Littleton, CO

I am a Den Leader with Cub Scouts Pack 4104.  Last night was our annual Blue & Gold Banquet in which you had donated a couple of your foam cutting kits.  I can not thank you enough for your donation to our Pack.  I was lucky enough to get the winning bid on one of the kits!  My Scout, Aaron, and I are frequent fly fishermen, and soon to be fly tiers!  Can't wait to to start tying!  And once again, Thanks for supporting Cub Scouts!

Thank you, Brent G.

I'll be needing a new custom wing cutter later this season and since, the one I purchased before is working out so well, you'll get my business again.

Thanks again.

Allison Park, PA

Our thanks to BH for his website and product suggestions.  We've incorporated some, and are considering implementing the rest.  We really appreciate customer feedback, and do our best to act on input received.  It's always valuable!  
Kathi & Tony

Tony, Kathi,

Just received the cutters and could not be more pleased.  Stayed up late last night just to get a few flies tied...now to find some time to go fishing!
Waialua, HI

I bought two sets of your cutters about 2 years ago and they must have cut hundreds and hundreds of flies for me and my brother!!  Thanks for your great product and look forward to getting a couple more sets this spring to add to  my collection!!
Liberty Hill, SC

In response to a request for special service:

Received your pictures and e-mail and they are both wonderful.  It's always a pleasure to do business with a family-owned business--one always receives that personal touch.

Thanks for everything.
Pharr, TX

I just love all of the cutters that I have now. They are super!
Creston BC, Canada

I received my custom cutter today and had to tie one up before I emailed you. Exactly what I was looking for. Perfect size.
Bellmont, MI

You guys are a class act keep up the good work
Fort Wayne, IN

I purchased on of these Blados cutters in 2/0 from Down  n Trout. Great product!!

Reading, MA

I can not thank you enough for your super products and service. Your package arrived today in perfect shape and right on time. This will be both a surprise and delight for my fly-fishing fiend of a wife. I also want to thank you for the generous "lagniappe" as we say down here in Cajun country.
Covington, LA

Order has been well received, as usual. And the cutters, a bright idea, are always perfectly manufactured. Really a nice business!
Plaisir, France

Your cutters are fantastic.  I'm having a ball!

Belton, MO

Tony and Kathi-I really like your products and that is why I ordered more of them. I caught fish on some foam flies I made using your cutters and it was great! My only suggestion is that you include instructions and/or variations on what you (and others ) have created with your tools. Thanks and I will buy more soon!

Smyrna, GA

I'm very pleased with the products and more impressed with your service.  You are GREAT to work with.  I'll be sure to recommend you to my fly fishing / tier friends.

I just love your products! I currently own three cutter sets and a few single units. Cut like butter!

Great stuff and such a great time saver!

Grand Rapids, MI

I just received my order from you and it's somewhere between fantastic and super!!!!!! I unpacked it all and I must say, I thought it was Christmas all over again!!!!  Actually, these are the greatest thing since a pocket in a shirt!!!!! Thanks again for your quick service, great product and the little xtra's you sent along....
Chula Vista, CA

Howdy Folks, 

  Wanted to let you know I received my new fly tying "toys" yesterday.  I very much like how you treat your customers, you answered all my questions, have fast shipping, Thank you.

   I don't know how big your company is but if you ever hire any new help please let me know I would like to throw my hat into the ring!


Tuscon, AZ


I have enjoyed using your products i.e. your caddis wing cutters.

Attached you will see some of my creations using the caddis wing cutters.

Thanks for your help,

Mark T
Santa Fe, NM

Hi Tony,
Jim B here,I bought a few sets of cutters from you and they are excellent. I have just bought the crease fly set from the shops and they too are great.Thank you very much again....Jim

Hey Tony-

Love your products! I currently use your crab cutter for bonefish flies which we use in the Seychelles ( Farquhar Atoll) . The bones, triggers etc love them…
Joni B
South Africa

Dear Kathi


I got the Wing CUtter Set.

Thak you very much.

Very nice tool .

I really love them.


Tatsuya A

From a customer who wasn't delighted with one cutter received in his set...

Hey Kathi
 I just got my new cutters! I cant tell you how much that means to me you guys sending me a brand new set of cutters! Im blown away I just thought I was gonna be sent one piece of the hopper not an entire brand new kit!!! You truly have a customer for life, I've never have seen that level of customer satisfaction in all my life! I wish you and your husband all the best and look forward to purchasing and recommending others to these truly amazing and quality cutters! Sincerely, happy tyer,
Chris M

I purchased the Tomsu Supreme hopper set a little over  a year ago.  I have recently lost the  instructions and was wondering if you would be so kind as to email me a  copy of the  instructions to tie this fly. 
I love your products,
Travis Ga


   I just got my hopper cutters this week and they are great! It turns out they are pretty easy to tie. I'm going to have quit showing them off if I'm ever going to get to keep some for myself.

  Thanks for the great products!

 William P

Ravenswood WV

Just wanted you to know I got the cutters this afternoon. I cut out a hopper all from one thickness of foam cuz it was all I had, slapped one together as fast as I could just to see if they work and the picture attached is the result. Sorry for it being out of focus, I used my cell phone. The ice has barely left the water here and we are a few weeks from hopper season and it still works!

 Thanks so much!


Hey guys,   Well I tie in bursts,   Love your stuff, just makes tying some patterns so much easier.   Still experimenting with it, trying new materials and coming up with some new patterns for local conditions.   Off fishing for a week.

Thanks once again.   Cheers.   Rod




Richard Pilatzke shared these photos with us.... proof that flies tied using River Road Creations' cutters work!

      Thanks, Richard!

Cutters used: Tomsu's Supreme Hopper™ Cutter Set

Hmmmm....  Do hoppers really work on trout?

These photos attest to Harry Schoel's success on the Big Hole using Tomsu's Supreme Hopper™ Cutter  Set to tye up some very functional flies.

   These photos also demonstrate that Harry is an incredible tyer and fisherman.


Thanks for sharing photos with us, Harry.  Good luck fishing and tying!


Just a few of Dennis Vidmar's Flies
Stay tuned for more photos of Dennis' creations to come


River Road Creations Cutters used:
     Mayfly Wing Cutters & Caddis Wing Cutters


A few photos on Mt. Emu Creek, Australia

from our very good friend and renowned fly tyer and fisherman from down under - Muz Wilson

You probably know him for his fuzzling articles, like this one: The Fuss about Fuzzle

Messy Dun

Mayfly Wing Cutter

River Foam® Wing Material: Medium Dun, Speckled

 Muz's Wee Creek Hopper
Hopper Wing Cutter

Successful lake fishing

The Paddle Popper by Muz Wilson
(Article coming out soon)

STP Frog® Foam Body Cutter
Frog Foam® material





Dennis Vidmar's big catch weighed in @ 14 lbs 5 oz. and was 32 1/2 inches long..
The fish that won the tournament was over 16 lbs and was 31 1/8 inches long

Dennis Vidmar and his 10-year old nephew with his first catch - certainly a great start fishing at 12-13 lbs!


Flies tied by Elvis Fields
using Mayfly wing cutters



 the spot of green on the underside is a sure give-away to this tyer's identity...

Tyer: Harrison R. Steeves, III
Caddis Wing Cutter used




Richard Pilatzke's Water Boatman - effective for bluegill and more !




Tina Shank - an amazing tyer.... check out her drangonflies... simply amazing


Thanks, Tina, for being such a great fan!  We appreciate all you do for our military men and women.

    A variation on crabs... by Scott Randall
Cutters used: Bonefish/permit crab




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